Way Up High on the Mogollon…

William Merritt singing Glory Trail
William Merritt singing Glory Trail

My husband, William, and I were traveling back from a short vacation in Sedona and decided to take the long way back to Tucson through the Mogollon Rim area north of the towns of Strawberry and Pine, AZ. One of my favorite songs that my husband sings is The Glory Trail, a song based on a poem by cowboy poet Badger Clark originally named High-Chin Bob (read the poem on cowboypoetry.com ). I often ask my husband to play “the kitty-cat song,” which I fondly call it, and so we pulled the truck over at the top of the Mogollons and drove down a dirt campsite road to a spot surrounded by tall pines and no people. There, with two very interested chipmunks, a kaibab squirrel, and some bluejays as the audience, my husband recorded The Glory Trail. To hear him singing, visit his website music page and enjoy!

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