Answering the Call of the Desert

My husband and I attended a talk by John Sexton last night at the Center for Creative Photography that was wonderful. Full of insight and humor and evocative in ways I hadn’t foreseen. His retrospective on his time with Ansel Adams included personal stories of his job as assistant and how being in the space of such a talented and artistically hearted man influenced his own photography and life. As a bonus, Swanny (Mary Virginia Swanson) was there, as well as my friend Jay Dusard. Swanny I’d seen just the week before at a talk by her and two others on publishing photography books where I picked up her new book, “Publish your Photography Book” as I intend to get at least three books published within the next couple of years, but I’d not seen Jay for a couple of years and it was great to spend a bit of time with him before the talk and catch up on hugs and banter. During the talk, I was inspired to write down a few words that came together in my soul for a future project/book. Let you know what that is when it comes to fruition!

Today, the desert blessed us with temperatures in the 70s (after being in the 90s and even 100s this past week), with a light breeze and dots of cumulous clouds painting the sky. Parts of the city got rain, but not our land, and I heard it snowed up in Prescott. I had a lot of work to do and by the time I finished, worked out at the fitness club with my Mom then headed home, I was fueled with inspiration and beauty and grabbed one of my cameras and hiked out into the open desert that graces the north boundary of our land, answering the call of the desert, and PLAYED. Getting into awkward positions as I twisted my body over/under/throughout cacti to get just that one angle that would gift me with the image I sought, kneeling carefully on dirt scattered with prickers, and watching carefully for the reptilian critters that our good weather has enticed to be more active…I relished the smallest flower, the tallest saguaro, the miniscule curved thorn on a backlit barrel cactus…and breathed deep of the twilight air and felt my heart dance to the song of night birds. Below is a gallery of a few of the images that most touched my spirit.

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Lori Faith Merritt of Photography By Faith utilizes the Art of Connection to specialize in equine and cultural images that transcend the ordinary.
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