Somewhere in Time and The Art of Connection

Angie's Maternity Session

Connection. My heart longs for it. My soul craves it. Hence my tagline, The Art of Connection. Angie gave me this brilliant moment of connection a couple of hours into our maternity session and the light shining from her brought tears to my eyes and goose-bumps to the top of my head and I truly felt not only our connection…I felt her daughter Kylie, due to be born in less than two weeks too. Angie has never seen the movie Somewhere is Time, but my lighting assistant Valerie Davidson and I have and we both gushed over how much Angie reminded us of THE moment in the movie where Jane Seymour sees Christopher Reeve in her portrait session and glows with love, creating the portrait that inspires Christopher’s character to go back in time to find her. For Angie, the love shone brightest when I asked her to send an image to Kylie.

Photograph of Angie by Valerie Davidson

I have photographed Angie several times for Faith in Fitness sessions. This image is from the maternity session I set up for this past Sunday and Angie is just two weeks away from her due date. The photograph is by Valerie Davidson, whom I’ve been mentoring for a few years and now am mentoring on a deeper level, and she is going to Photoshop World with me next month. The enhancement of this image is mine, lovingly done for an exceptional soon to be mother (and soon to be born daughter Kylie.Valerie brought her lights and backdrops to my home, where we set up a home studio for Angie’s session. Look for more studio sessions like these, and Valerie and I will be setting up mini-sessions as well. Contact me at for information.

What Valerie said about the session:

“I am a teacher ~ I am a student”.

This was the sentiment Lori Faith Merritt expressed to me when we saw each other last Sunday. There aren’t many people for whom I’d load up a ton of equipment and drive to the farthest point in the my universe to assist, but Lori Faith is the one person for whom I would, without hesitation.

She and I met a few years ago at a 4-H leader/student seminar I nearly didn’t attend. There were many subjects, but of course I went to Lori Faith’s seminar first because photography was, to me, the most interesting topic, with the idea that after a period of time I would move on to the next subject, which is what everyone else did. I stayed with Lori Faith’s session during the entire event. Time just lost meaning and what I learned that day set me on a path of change for my photography, but also very much in my personal life, as well.

No matter how much I think I know, I am forever a student. No matter how much I learn, if I listen, if I look, if I let my heart open, I will yet discover more. If I can pass on just one nugget to one other person, the cycle will continue.

This photo is an example of the student-teacher circle. This is symbiosis: Lori Faith finessed the pose, I snapped the shutter, she did the editing, I set the lighting – all the while she gently guided, explained, directed and molded.

As a bonus, I met the kind and sweet Angie who allowed us to create this image (and more).

If you’ve never seen Lori Faith’s work, I encourage you to check it out at Photography By Faith.

What Angie said: I’m really glad I decided to do this maternity session so I can go back in time and show Kylie. Thank you Lori Faith and Valerie for the incredible work you did. You two make an awesome team:)

About Lori Faith

Lori Faith Merritt of Photography By Faith utilizes the Art of Connection to specialize in equine and cultural images that transcend the ordinary.
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