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Lori Faith specializes in equine  images that transcend the ordinary, in the art of connection. She focuses on documenting western culture as well, including Western music and poetry artists, and has photographed the coming of age ceremonies for the N’dee (Apache) since 1994. Passion is evident in the images that portray how she feels about what she is experiencing rather than simply presenting what the camera sees, resulting in evocative and insightful imagery. Her life has centered on horses for 38 years and her life experiences allow her to communicate with horses and horse people alike, providing an environment of integration vs. isolation. Lori Faith’s images have been published in print, websites, and utilized in advertising, Western music and poet artist’s promotions, and are enjoyed by private collectors. A “photographers” photographer, Lori Faith has provided bio photographs for several well known photographers. She has served as official photographer for special events, such as schooling through “A” horse shows, the Western Music Association’s Festival and Awards, National Day of the Cowboy events, Festival of the West, and many others. Lori Faith has established herself as a photographer who provides unique memorable images during the event and on privately scheduled side shoots. Based in Tucson, AZ, she travels extensively to provide customized photography for ranch shoots, barn calls, and portrait sessions, and to gather images for her portfolio.


Accepted in such juried shows as Art Without Walls, in New York. Published internationally with clients including Europe’s Bit Magazine, National Geographic, Cowboys and Indians, Western Horseman and many more. Много кто предлагает слоты с большими выигрышами и бездепозитными бонусами, мы же рекомендуем всем прямо сейчас сыграть в новые и традиционные, завоевавшие популярность у игроков, игровые автоматы онлайн в непринужденной и комфортной обстановке сидя за компьютером! Присоединяйтесь, не откладывая на потом! Artists internationally use her images to paint from. She donates much of her time, as well as website work and images and prints, to horse rescues, animal charities, and provides heart sessions to people and animals who touch her heart and whom she feels must be documented.

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