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Answering the Call of the Desert

My husband and I attended a talk by John Sexton last night at the Center for Creative Photography that was wonderful. Full of insight and humor and evocative in ways I hadn’t foreseen. His retrospective on his time with Ansel … Continue reading

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Ever Feel Like You're Being Watched?

For the past few years, we’ve seen what I thought were burrowing owls, but I’m finding are Western Screech Owls, at night by our home, but never during the day.Today, while photographing a dove nest in a cholla, I felt … Continue reading

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Our Companion Cats, and a Surprise Feline Portrait Session for my Mom

Our cat Neysa, a manx, in one of her favorite “safe places”…between my husband’s feet while he’s sleeping. Although I was a bit sneaky in making this image, when my husband woke up he loved it and it’s still one … Continue reading

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Living Art: Calf

     Miracles in the “ordinary”. Art in the “mundane”. Blessed inspiration for the creative spirit. These images dance at the at the edge of my vision and catch my attention. When I turn to acknowledge them, they are revealed with … Continue reading

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