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HeARTists for Horses Art Show: October 14th through November 22nd, 2011

An art show featuring a rich blend of painting and photography, featuring horses as well as other subjects, by the HeARTists for Horses four founding artists. Visit Northern Trust Bank, 6444 E. Tanque Verde in Tucson, AZ to view this amazing collection.  … Continue reading

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Answering the Call of the Desert

My husband and I attended a talk by John Sexton last night at the Center for Creative Photography that was wonderful. Full of insight and humor and evocative in ways I hadn’t foreseen. His retrospective on his time with Ansel … Continue reading

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Image(s) of the Day

These are images that strike my fancy on a particular day, based on my feelings and memories of the image and how they fit in with my life that day. I hope you will enjoy them as well. The page … Continue reading

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The Visible Horse

     When I was growing up with my horses, I was passionate about drawing them. I was not very good at it, hence my becoming a photographic artist. I started with the form as I saw it and wondered why the legs … Continue reading

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Living Art: Calf

     Miracles in the “ordinary”. Art in the “mundane”. Blessed inspiration for the creative spirit. These images dance at the at the edge of my vision and catch my attention. When I turn to acknowledge them, they are revealed with … Continue reading

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Treasures: Textures

       Textures. We see them, feel them, incorporate them into our images. I treasure them. Every nuance and gesture, movement of light and shadow that paints them. I bring them home as artifacts from my texture treasure hunts. And … Continue reading

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Le Cadeau du Cheval Mural: Press Release

  This press release was issued Thursday, September 18, 2008 (The print of the mural mentioned below is available through http://www.muralmosaic.com/Horse . When Lee recieved her artist copy, she very generously mailed it to me as a gift. Lee and I have become friends … Continue reading

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Cowgirl's Reflection

    A few years ago I attended a photography workshop with Jay Dusard, who is an iconic cowboy/western culture photographer, at the (former) Portreros Ranch in Tubac. In the early morning light we had two models in western garb with … Continue reading

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Inspiration Out of the Ashes

     I have lived in Tucson since 1969 with the Santa Catalina mountains as the backdrop to much of my life and a sanctuary for my soul. I was devastated when the mountains endured horrific fires in 2002 and 2003. This year … Continue reading

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Heading Out: Art Spur

     During the Heart Session I did with Cowboy/Cowboy Poet Georgie Sicking, I created this image of her and my good friend’s fiance Sam Scott (Diane Tribitt’s beau) when they were heading out to enjoy a ride in the desert … Continue reading

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