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Somewhere in Time and The Art of Connection

Connection. My heart longs for it. My soul craves it. Hence my tagline, The Art of Connection. Angie gave me this brilliant moment of connection a couple of hours into our maternity session and the light shining from her brought … Continue reading

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The Gift of Singing

I LOVE to sing (on a horse and in my truck and out in nature) and cannot imagine my life without a soundtrack and the magical mystery of lyrics and melody infusing my spirit constantly. Singing in front of people … Continue reading

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Answering the Call of the Desert

My husband and I attended a talk by John Sexton last night at the Center for Creative Photography that was wonderful. Full of insight and humor and evocative in ways I hadn’t foreseen. His retrospective on his time with Ansel … Continue reading

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Image(s) of the Day

These are images that strike my fancy on a particular day, based on my feelings and memories of the image and how they fit in with my life that day. I hope you will enjoy them as well. The page … Continue reading

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Peruvian Pasos and a Small Miracle

In April of 2004, I attended a photography workshop with Tony Stromberg and on a late afternoon we visited a Peruvian Paso ranch in New Mexico. There, under towering Cottonwoods, we photographed Peruvian yearlings as they flew around a grassy pasture … Continue reading

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Art Spur: Heading Out

One of my images, Heading Out, was published on cowboypoetry.com as an Art Spur feature. Art Spur is described on the website as “It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words…we know many that are worthy of … Continue reading

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Hollyhocks: A Poem by Audrey Hankins

Hollyhocks and Straw Bales My dear friend, Audrey Hankins, gave permission for her poem HOLLYHOCKS to be posted on my blog. This is the first poem I remember hearing Audrey recite. When I was photographing Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Barb horses by … Continue reading

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Ever Feel Like You're Being Watched?

For the past few years, we’ve seen what I thought were burrowing owls, but I’m finding are Western Screech Owls, at night by our home, but never during the day.Today, while photographing a dove nest in a cholla, I felt … Continue reading

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Our Companion Cats, and a Surprise Feline Portrait Session for my Mom

Our cat Neysa, a manx, in one of her favorite “safe places”…between my husband’s feet while he’s sleeping. Although I was a bit sneaky in making this image, when my husband woke up he loved it and it’s still one … Continue reading

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Passionate Portfolios

    Commercial assignments. Media marketing. Publication deadlines. Portrait session proofs enhancement and viewings. Print order fulfillment. Website updates. Image file uploads and archival. Client communications. Traveling. Planning, implementation, and follow-up.      Don’t panic. Take a deep breath. And remember to exhale.     As … Continue reading

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